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June 11-12 - Flew to Brussels and then Oslo. Checked into Clarion Hotel the Hub

June 12-13 - Toured Oslo

June 14 - Taxied to the airport, picked up our car rental, drove to Lillehammer, checked into Clarion
                Collection Hotel Hammer (148km, 2 hrs 9 min), toured Lillehammer

June 15 - Drove to Roros, checked into Roros Hotell (263km, 3 hrs 45 min), toured Roros

June 16 - Drove to Trondheim, checked into Thon Hotel Nidaros (154km, 2 hrs 17 min), parked the car for
               24 hours, toured Trondheim

June 17 - Drove to Kristiansund, checked into Thon Hotel Kristiansund (199km, 3 hrs 33 min),
               toured Kristiansund

June 18 - Drove to Alesund, checked into Quality Hotel Alesund (153km, 3 hrs 7 min), toured Alesund

June 19 - Drove to Geiranger via Trollstiger (192km, 3 hrs, 33 min), checked into Hotel Union

June 20 - Went for a hike in Geiranger, drove to Loen over a mountain pass (85.6km 1 hr, 45 min), checked
                into Hotel Alexandra  rode the Loan Skylift

June 21 - Drove to Hafslo via Jostedalsbreen and Glacier National Museum (236km, 3 hrs 44 min), checked
                into Bestebakken Hotel

June 22-23 - Drove to Bergen, checked into Bergen Bors Hotel (251 km, 4 hrs 14 min), toured Bergen

June 24 - Drove to Geilo via Eidfjord and the Hardanger Nature Centre (243km, 3 hrs 51 min), checked
                into Vestlia Resort

June 25 - Drove back to Oslo, checked into Clarion Hotel the Hub again (224km 3 hrs 17 min)

June 26 - Returned our car rental, flew home via Copenhagen

Totals only from hotel to hotel: distance 2149 km, time 35 hours

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