Our route around Newfoundland, starting in St. John's, around the Avalon Peninsula, up to Bonavista, Gros Morne Park, L'Anse aux Meadows, Twillingate and returning to St. John's.

The Avalon Peninsula, including St. John's, Cape Spear, Bay Bulls, Ferryland & Cape St. Mary's.
Cabot Tower at the top of Signal Hill. This is where Marconi received and transmitted the first cross-Atlantic radio signals.
St. John's Harbour looking down from Signal Hill. The harbour is well protected by a narrow long entry way on the left.
Lighthouse at the entrance to St. John's Harbour.
The Cape Spear Lighthouse, the oldest standing lighthouse in Newfoundland. Notice the blackened window on the left. It is not really a window - just painted on to maintain the symmetry of the building. It was too cold to have real windows all around. Cape Spear National Historic Site is the easternmost point of North America.
Bay Bulls Whaling & Puffins Tour at the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Click here to see a video.
Bay Bulls Whaling & Puffins Tour - On various islands, you can see Atlantic Puffins, Murres and Storm Petrels. The birds use their excrement as a sort of glue to attach their nests to the rocks. here to see a video.
At Ferryland you will find an archaeological dig. Sir George Calvert established a colony in there in 1621

You can walk up to the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula and have an excellently prepared picnic lunch with whales just off shore.
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, near St. Brides. Home to thousands of gannets, murres and kittiwakes.
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve - a 1 km walk leads you to just above the nesting site of the gannets.
Click here to see a video.
Sheep roam the cliffs above Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve
Bonavista - Dungeon Provincial Park. The wind and sea have worn through the rock creating this site.

Gros Morne Park, on the west coast of Newfoundland, is not to be missed. Great for hiking and site seeing. The northern and southern sides are split by Bonne Bay, which requires an 80km drive to circumvent.
Gros Morne Park - Western Brook Pond was once a glaciated valley leading to the ocean. Click here to see a video.
Gros Morne Park - Western Brook Pond - when the glacier melted, the land raised up leaving an inland fiord of natural water.
Gros Morne Park - Western Brook Pond - You can take a boat trip along the pond to see one of the highlights of the area.
Gros Morne Park - There are thousands of moose inside the park. We were lucky enough to spot a female & her calf at the roadside one morning.
Gros Morne Park - We saw this male moose also at the roadside one afternoon.
Gros Morne Park - The Trout River Pond Trail is an incredible 14km round trip hike, not to be missed.
Gros Morne Park - The Trout River Pond Trail is well marked, easy to walk and has spectacular scenery.
Click here to see a video.
Arches Provincial Park on the way to L'Anse aux Meadows is another example of wind and sea action on the rocks.
L'Anse aux Meadows, at the north-west tip of Newfoundland, is where Leif Eriksson established a colony around 1000AD.
L'Anse aux Meadows - this mound is a replica of a dwelling the original Vikings lived. Click here to see a video.
Twillingate Harbour is a beautiful village in north-central Newfoundland. Many visitors come here to see the icebergs and whales, which are usually plentiful, but not in the summer that we visited.
Twillingate - Long Point Lighthouse Lookout
St. John's colourful houses